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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 is to read a book each week for the rest of the year. Writing about it will hopefully keep me motivated to read more! Feel free to recommend a book you love!


I actually borrowed this book randomly at the library. It caught my attention because the title reminded me of the movie Night at the Museum. If I remember correctly it was about toys running around creating havoc every night in a museum. I think that’s the one. Anyway, in other words, not very memorable. By then I was extremely turned off and ready to put the book back to its shelf. Thank god I scanned the accolades before putting it back or I would have missed out on “one of the funniest books to come out of Britain in years.”

The book is narrated by Ruby Lennox from the moment of her conception. She begins her story from an adorable exclamation “I exist!”  and takes us through her daily life in York. As she grows up she realizes there are missing pieces and family secrets which she has been excluded from. In come the chapters (or Footnotes as she calls them) which stories of previous generations are weaved through. By doing so, Ruby builds a clearer knowledge of her family’s history. While there are several laugh-out-loud moments, Ruby’s story is not at all light. There are tragic moments and dark secrets which make the book even more compelling.

Atkinson developed an extremely charming characteristic in Ruby which made her very likable. From the beautiful use of imagery to the perfect amount of humor, I thought this book was a surprising breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved reading this and am glad to have stumbled upon it – even by accident. For those who are looking for something different and original, this is definitely the book for you.

What have you been reading? 🙂


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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 is to read a book each week for the rest of the year. Writing about it will hopefully keep me motivated to read more! Feel free to recommend a book you love!












I finally finished The Hunger Games series. I really want to say that the rest of the books were just as amazing as the first one but there’s just something about the Catching Fire which didn’t quite appeal to me. In my opinion, after all the excitement and adrenaline in The Hunger Games, the second book seemed slow at first; it quickly redeemed itself towards the second half though.

The main character, Katniss, develops admirably throughout the course of the series and I think Mockingjay really highlighted her growth and strength. She is able to face her faults as a person and really starts to take control to achieve what she believes in. The ending (especially the epilogue) was a little weak for my taste, and semi-predictable. That may be the only complain I have for this book.

I went through both books very fast. Right after I was finished with Catching Fire I picked up Mockingjay and was able to finish it in one sitting. Which was nice for a change.

The movie is supposed to be coming out soon and I’m so excited for it (I’m sure I’ve already said). I definitely have high hopes and am glad I went through the books beforehand. I highly recommend!

What’ve you been reading? 🙂

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Joseph Kony. Infamous leader of Christian terrorist group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), has been reported to have abducted over 30,000 boys and girls in Uganda in the past nearly 30 years, forcing them into becoming child soldiers and sex slaves. His sole purpose is to maintain his power.


Despite his heinous crimes and inhumane actions, he has yet to be found and arrested. However, because the majority of the world does not know who he is, Kony remains invisible


In order to spread this message, please take 30 minutes to watch this video and share it with everyone you know. Together, we can demand justice and change the lives of children who deserve to live and return home to their families.



I pledge to help make Joseph Kony famous by watching and sharing KONY 2012. I will use my voice to influence cultural and policy makers to raise the profile of the conflict. I will Stop at Nothing.

Sign the Pledge

Join TRI or Donate to Invisible Children





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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 is to read a book each week for the rest of the year. Writing about it will hopefully keep me motivated to read more! Feel free to recommend a book you love!

Khaled Hosseini in A Thousand Splendid Suns tells a heartbreaking story about two women, Miriam and Laila, living in Kabul, Afghanistan, who struggle to survive under the rule of the Taliban and the despicable treatment of their husband. They experience first-hand, the brutality and fears of war but are able to endure and overcome obstacles together through their remarkable friendship and love.

Ever since 9/11, Muslims and the Islam faith have been branded with a negative stereotype which has more than often been magnified by the media. While there are people who speak out in order to educate people of the differences between the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and citizens of Afghanistan, scrutiny and collective racial discrimination is still common. After reading this book I find that I’ve been among those who have been ignorant of many things regarding this culture.

Hosseini does a wonderful job describing difficulties women undergo with each regime change over the span of some 30 years as well as showing the strength and tenacious spirit of Miriam and Laila.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is unforgettable, very powerful and had several moments where I was moved to tears. It is a book that will highlight acts of love, sacrifice and hope in the midst of the dark side of humans. There is something everyone can take away from this story and I would highly recommend it.

What have you been reading?

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The amount of time you can spend on the Internet in one sitting is absurd. Being on vacation may contribute to a certain extent but I can spend hours reading blogs, watching a zillion videos on YouTube, or clicking aimlessly on Facebook. Facebook is the worst because you have no idea what you’ll find on there.It’s like a black hole where all things meant for procrastination cumulate and expands. But it’s basically my lifeline.

Considering my record, a No-Computer-Week seemed like the perfect torture challenge but I couldn’t find a way to ease up on my attachment. Coincidentally, my laptop overheated and crashed for the 3rd time last week forcing me to reluctantly send it in for servicing. I wanted to hold on to it but over-heating was a slight understatement. It was like carrying a portable burner and laptop in one. So I mean, under any circumstances that can’t be good.

Basically that’s how my week sans Internet began. The first habit I immediately noticed was that I tend to turn my computer on first thing in the morning. I wake up, reach over my desk to switch on the power button and go through my morning routine as my laptop loads. It innocently starts with me checking my e-mails, flipping through the news, and just as I think I’m done, I wander into the danger zone. I start replying to posts on Facebook, commenting on pictures, and before I know it, I’m clicking links that lead me to other pages and it just gets out of control. My first morning was slightly uncomfortable. Confusing, maybe even. I didn’t really know where to start my day so I decided to begin with the far overdo task of cleaning my room. By that afternoon my clothes were hung, my desk beautifully organized, and my bathroom spotless. I then curled up with a book for an hour or two—looking up at my computer-less desk every now and then. It’s so shameful how bothered I was without it. Out of boredom I also hit the gym. I miraculously went to bed at around 11pm and was proud how productive I’d been. As the week went on, I found that I was getting less and less agitated at the absence of my laptop and instead felt refreshed and more relaxed. I was working out every morning, went to sleep earlier, and best of all had a clean room (double bonus for me)! Someone should seriously give me a gold star.

So the week came to an end, and I was called to go pick up my beloved computer and I was hit by a random spur of inspiration.

Last week had been something new for me and I definitely wouldn’t have gone through with it on my own terms. At the same time, I felt like I’d spent an entire week doing something of substance, I guess would be the best way to put it, and (though completely unintentional) I fulfilled a goal.

I feel ya, Kid

Therefore, I was inspired to do a health challenge each month. At the start of the month, I’m going to set a goal, and see how far I can go with it. I’m not a health nut or anything but I try to eat healthy, sleep, and exercise as much as my busy schedule allows me. And I’m sure many people can relate that it’s one of those things that don’t always come naturally. Check out my list for 2012 and stay tuned for my first post this week! 🙂

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